Fun with English

Students use the puppets they designed and created to learn English in the lessons.

Learn English through projects

Group projects develop students’ self-directed learning skills, communication skills and creativity.

Rich English Environment

Students with different cultural backgrounds learn English together with the native-speaking English teachers in the English room and the school library.

English Wonderland – Students participate in different English learning games and activities at recesses.

English Drama – Mowgli

Students enjoy taking part in different kinds of English performances and competitions such as English drama and English choral speaking.

English Choral speaking performance in Joy in Sau Tak

Students learn outside the classroom! It helps students to widen their horizon.

Diversified English activities are conducted to cultivate students’ interest in learning English.

Online Afternoon Channel: After school is Cool!

English learning takes place after school too! Our native-speaking English teachers conduct different English activities with students such as craft making, science experiments and cooking.