Transfer Admission

A. Application Guidelines

Please bring the following to the General Office for application:

  1. Completed application form with 1 recent photo (4cmX 5cm) of the applicant;
  2. Copies of academic records / school report cards of the current and previous year, if any;
  3. Copies of the proof of residential address;
  4. Copies of parent’s Identity Card;
  5. Copies of the applicant’s Identity Card / Birth Certificate (If the applicant was not born in Hong Kong, the parent needs to submit a Hong Kong ID card / a Hong Kong residence permit or a copy of a valid travel document signed by the Hong Kong Immigration Department);
  6. Records of extra-curricular activities or awards obtained, if any.
B. Admission Procedure
  • An admission interview and written test will be arranged. Applicants will be notified of the date, time and venue of the interview and test by General Office.
  • The written test includes Chinese, English and Mathematics. The applicants and their parents must attend the interview.
  • Successful applicant will be notified by phone and the school office staff will arrange the admission procedures for the student.
  • Applicant who does not receive the notification within two weeks will be considered unsuccessful.
  • Regardless of whether the applicant is admitted or not, the information submitted by the applicant will not be returned and will be destroyed after completing the application process.
  • Interim admission application form
  • The application form can be obtained from the General Office during office hours or from the school website.