Reading Culture

Creating a reading culture by book sharing

School teachers and students share about their favourite books during the morning reading time.

Student reading ambassadors read aloud life education picture books with P1 students.

Parents and our school co-operate to promote reading in students’ lives and cultivate students’ life literacy

Our parents actively participate in the programme “Story Time with Parents” and read aloud picture books with students.     

World Book Day: Role-play the story Characters

All teachers and students participated in the "Story Character Playing Contest" in the school hall. Students enjoyed the shows very much and voted for "My Favourite Story" at the end.

Children's Author Talk

Our school was honoured to have the famous children literature author, Mr. Lai He, as a guest speaker to give a talk to our P4-P6 students. During the talk, he shared about his experience in creating stories.

Chinese Reading Club:Read children's literature

Our library collaborates with Chinese subject teachers to develop reading clubs in the grades of Primary 5 and 6. Through reading and discussion, teachers cultivate students’ positive values ​​and enhance students’ interest in reading related literary works.

Reading KOL

Encourage students to take short videos of their own book sharings and upload them to our school learning platform so as to arouse students' interest in reading.