School Uniforms

B. Hair style and accessories
  • For the sake of the safety of students in PE lessons, decorative accessories and nail polishing are not allowed.
  • Hair should be neat and tidy. Hair dyeing or curled hair is not allowed. The fringe of the hair should not reach the eyebrows. Hair should be tied up with dark blue or black hair strings once its length has reached the shoulders.
  • No earrings for boys. Only one set of plain coloured earrings for girls is allowed.
  • Decorative accessories are not allowed except with approval from the school. For particular purposes, please submit requests to the class teacher via letter.
  • No accessories are allowed to hang on the school bag.
C. Uniform Policy
  • Students should wear tidy school/sports uniforms, cut fingernails and bring tissues or clean handkerchiefs to school.
  • Summer uniform: Students must wear white socks (no lace or pattern), plain black shoes (do not wear black sports shoes or boots) and white sleeveless shirts or white bottom skirts. Students may wear plain dark blue overcoats or jackets. Boys may wear black belts.
  • Winter uniform: Boys must wear white socks and plain black shoes; Girls must wear long grey stockings and plain black shoes. Students may wear plain dark blue overcoats, cardigans, jackets, school coats, black, grey or dark blue scarves or gloves. If a cold weather warning is issued, students may wear overcoats made of cotton or down if necessary. Girls may wear dark grey trousers.
  • Sportswear and House Polo Shirt: Students must tuck in the shirts; wear white socks and plain white sports shoes.
  • Swimwear for swimming lessons:The first recess will be the time arranged to allow P.4 students to get changed into their swimming costumes. Students may wear flip-flops when returning to school after swimming lessons and they must put on the trainers during the class teacher lesson.
  • Students must wear school uniforms or school sportswear if they come to school on Saturdays for interest classes, training and activities.
  • Students in the school teams may bring the team uniform and shoes to the school on the training days and may get changed during the class teacher period in the afternoon.
  • Students may wear plain dark blue overcoats or jackets if necessary.
D. General Information of School Uniform Supplier
  • School uniform supplier:Hop Chung Uniform Limited
  • Telephone:2387-6628
  • Address:Block B, 3/F, Por Yen Building, 478 Castle Peak Road, Cheung Sha Wan