Learning and teaching strategies

Our school uses the "TARGET" theory proposed by the scholar Epstein as a learning and teaching strategy, establishes the habit of preview and extended learning, and teaches different learning strategies to enable students to master different learning methods and become self-directed learners.

Task—Enrich learning experience through diversified learning activities.

Conduct cross-curricular and life-wide learning activities in order to enhance students’ motivation in learning and strengthen their life-long learning capabilities.

Authority—Promote self-directed learning through various learning activities

Create different learning tasks, so that students can take the initiative to obtain knowledge from the construction and become self-directed learners.

Recognition—Build self-confidence and develop talents

Provide different learning activities, so that students can develop their talents and build self-confidence from learning.

Grouping—Facilitate interaction and learning effectiveness through cooperative learning

Use cooperative learning strategies to develop collaborative and other generic skills through peer collaboration and create an atmosphere of mutual encouragement.

Evaluation—Different modes and means of assessment

To facilitate the development of students' potential through different modes and means of assessment.

Time—Provide preview and extended learning tasks

Develop thinking skills, cultivate students' curiosity as well as nurture learning habit through preview and extended learning tasks.