Project Learning

Develop searching, analyzing and organizing skills by different tasks that students need to actively participating in. In line with development of STEM Education in recent years, we conduct different activities in STEM Day to nurture students’ interest in Science, and to explore ways to solve problems from different aspects in accordance with the needs of life.

Problem finding and Exploration
Inspire thinking through design & improvement.
Develop collaboration skills, communication skills, creativity and study skills.
Theme and brief introduction of different grades in STEM Day



Theme in STEM Day

Brief introduction


Animal Secure Boat

Test the buoyancy of different materials and make secure boats.


Paper Dragonfly

Understand the concept of aerodynamics and gravity and make paper dragonflies that can travel steadily.


My Isothermal Bag

Test the heat transfer efficiency of different materials and make isothermal bags.


Egg Protector

Investigate the shockproof ability of different materials and make egg protectors.


Water Rocket

Test the force and reaction force and make a fun water rocket.


Fantastic Spaghetti Tower

Master the principal of mechanics, use spaghetti and marshmallows to build fantastic towers.