General Studies

General Studies

Values Education

Our school adopts life events and interactive learning environment for promoting values education.



Inquiry-based Learning Approach

Our school emphasizes self-directed and inquiry-based learning.

STEM:”Hands-on and Minds-on” inquiry-based activities

STEM:Learning in a design Loop

STEM:We focus on strengthening students’ ability to integrate and apply knowledge and skills within and across the mind sets of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Experiential Learning

We organize lots of out-of-classroom experiential learning activities.

Learning by doing: Doing Housework (Thanksgiving)

We enhance students’ environmental awareness through school-based learning booklets, cross-curricular reading, and workshops

Our students participate in different kinds of go green activities, like dramas, craft, game booths and so on.

Green life practitioners: We emphasis on “Energy saving”, “Waste Reduce” and “Go Green”.